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Welcome BEFORE THE STREETLIGHTS to the Antique family 21 Oct 2015

Kentucky is not the first place you think to look when seeking the next big thing in pop punk, but if that is the sound you're seeking for then you need to visit the city of Louisville. First made famous by baseball, the Derby City is now quickly becoming known as home to Before The Streetlights, a four piece band on the verge of something big. 

That's an easy proclimation to make on the internet, but in this rare case it is almost certainly true. Combining the best aspects of modern pop punk's heavier aesthetics with the catchiness and high-gloss production of late 2000s genre fare, the young men of Before The Streetlights are breathing fresh life into a side of punk that has been due for a comeback with vigor and creativity to spare.

Listening to Westward, the band's upcoming Antique Records debut, brings to mind the first time you knew pop punk was the genre that would change your life. The album grabs you from the openings moments with infectious melodies and top notch production that quickly leads into hooks made for sing a longs with your current and future best friends. It reminds you of the summer you first realized you had an identity all your own, and the lyrics address the often complicated emotions that soon followed. From the difficult decision of where to follow your heart or your dreams, to regret, sex, and knowing when to admit you're in the wrong, every track on 'Westward' speaks to what it's like to grow up knowing you are meant for something greater than whatever you are today. 

FLASH SALE! For one week only every Sledding With Tigers release is just $5! 19 Sep 2015

To celebrate the recent success of Come On And Slam, Antique Records is thrilled to announce a one week only flash sale on the entire Sledding With Tigers' discography. For the next seven days every single SWT release on the Antique store has been discounted to just $5, including VINYL! You can own the band's entire catalog for less than $20, but you have to hurry fast.

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Father Mountain Pre-Orders Begin TODAY! 01 Sep 2015

You never know where the next great band destined to change your life will come from. For us, it’s somewhere in Kentucky where the influences run the gamut from classic to contemporary emo and alternative artists, as well as the experiences we all encounter when trying our best to understand the grand concept of love. It’s a place where emotion runs through every line and every note, every strum and beat of the drum. Where heartache is channeled into art, and honesty is the best currency there is.

Father Mountain initially released On Leaving & Being Left Behind as a five-track digital only release in November 2014. We knew from the moment we heard it we wanted to help the band reach more fans, but to be completely honest we wanted to also have a physical copy of their music. There is something so organic and true about the music Father Mountain creates that we wanted to ensure it was something more than 1s and 0s on the internet. We wanted to have and hold it, share it, gift it, and preserve it for future generations of music fans to enjoy. Lucky for us, the band wanted the same.

With great pride and three new recordings we are releasing On Leaving & Being Left Behind as a limited edition cassette on September 25, 2015. The release is initially limited to 100 copies that are divided between 3 beautiful variants. The new recordings include two new songs, as well as an acoustic rendition of crowd favorite “Bones.” Pre-order your copy now.

Please welcome FATHER MOUNTAIN to the Antique family! 25 Aug 2015

BOSTON, MA - Antique Records is thrilled to announce the addition of Kentucky indie rock favorites FATHER MOUNTAIN to their growing roster. The band's label debut, On Leaving & Being Left Behind, will be released on limited edition cassette and through digital retailers on September 25. A song from the record, "Bones," is available to stream starting today.

A limited quantity of American Opera CDs are now available! 15 Aug 2015

American Opera is the product of singer/songwriter John Bee, a New York City transplant with midwest blood coursing through his veins. His music speaks of love, life, religion, and the constant struggle to be who you are in a world that demands conformity. It's driving, yet soft, with beautiful melodies and more than enough hooks to keep listeners coming back again and again.

'Retrospective' is a guide to American Opera's early work. The CD, which is limited to 600 copies, collects material from three EPs on one disc for the first time ever. We created this release for AO's time on Warped Tour 2015, but we managed to secure a VERY LIMITED stock for our online store. Once these are gone, the album will be out of print forever. Here's the track listing:

01. Bright Lights & Amplifiers

02. Spoons & Knives

03. The Only Things That Matter To Me

04. What I Had

05. Lift Up This City

06. Sand & Seed (Live)

07. Sing Along (Live)

08. A Spot For My Sister (Live)

09. An Empty Cup (Live)

10. Songs I Used To Sing (Live)

11. Spoons & Knives (Live)

12. Bright Lights & Amplifiers (Live)

13. Shorelines

14. Broken Roads

15. Maps & Globes

16. The Good Fight

17. Baby Birds

18. Ann Marie

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Trophy Lungs Will Release 'DAY JOBS' on September 18! 04 Aug 2015

There is something about our relationship with pop punk as music fans that changes as we transition from our teen years into full-blown adulthood. The desire to spend time with friends and seek true love while living life to the fullest remains, but it must compete for our attention and time with day-to-day responsibilities, including work, bills, and scratching that persistent itch telling you that you’re meant for something more. We do our best to juggle it all, and when the stress just becomes to much we turn to whatever escape we can take for a taste of joy. For some, it’s a long drag off a cigarette or cigar, and for others it’s a glass of whiskey at the end of a long shift at a job you hate. Wherever you fall in the spectrum, their is finally an album that addresses the moment we each encounter the realities of life and the internal battle we each face to keep our spirits alive when times get tough. It’s called Day Jobs, and we could not be more excited to share it with you on limited edition vinyl available September 18, 2015.


1. Your Finest Well Whiskey Please 

2. Day Jobs 

3. Bathroom Graffiti 

4. The Big Eddie 

5. Tough Calls In Inman Square 

6. Seattle 

7. Books And Statues 

8. Circumstances 

9. Exit 28

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It's time to celebrate Microwave's success with a sale! 20 Jul 2015

Have you heard the news? Our boys in Microwave have grown up and signed with SIDEONEDUMMY Records! This news comes less than a year after they joined Antique, and we could not be happier to see them find more and more success as they continue to hustle harder than essentially every other band in North America today. We know a lot about what they have on the horizon, but we promised we wouldn't spoil anything. 

In order to celebrate this great accomplishment, we have marked all remaining copies of the band's killer debut album, Stovall, down to just $10 this week only. You can also order several other titles, including Well Kept Things' Homegrown 7", at a discounted price.

There are less than 50 copies of Stovall left in stock, and we expect them to sell out fast. Don't wait. Order now.

Sledding With Tigers Coffee Is Available Now! 11 Jul 2015

Sledding With Tigers has partnered with the fine folks at Dark Horse Coffee Roasters to create a unique roast to celebrate the release of the band's new album, Come On and Slam! 

This product is only available for a limited time. Shipments of coffee will begin immediately. If you order a bundle with the album, you will receive two separate shipments. Don't wait:

New Release: Sledding With Tigers - Come On And Slam 01 Jul 2015

The wait is over, everyone! After months of teasing and anticipation we are finally ready to unveil the latest creation from Sledding With Tigers. Pre-orders begin today, and the first single has premiered on NOISEY.

In 2014, Sledding With Tigers promised fans he'd record an album of songs inspired by the hit 1996 film Space Jam if he received 1000 retweets for a post hoping to raise awareness for a music venue that was going out of business. Fans responded with exactly 1086 retweets, and thus a commitment was made.

Twelve months later, Antique Records is thrilled to announce the release of 'Come On And Slam,' a 7-track album from Sledding With Tigers that tells the story of Space Jam in its entirety in a way only SWT can deliver. It's not folk enough for folk or punk enough for punk, but it'll have you dancing and singing along in no time at all. The album is being released online and through a limited edition cassette pressing, both of which will be available on July 28, 2015.

Track listing:

01 Retirement

02 Aliens Exist 2 (Swackhammer's Lament)

03 Take It From Me, Michael Jordan

04 Short People by Newman From Seinfeld

05 The Ballad Of Charles Barkley

06 Mon-tage

07 The Big Game (Movements 1&2)


New Release: Iwrestledabearonce - Hail Mary (Limited Edition Cassette) 12 Jun 2015

Today is a very, very, VERY COOL day for Antique Records. After two years and thirty releases we are finally foraying into the world of metal with a special collaboration with one of our favorite bands on the planet.

Starting today, we are offering you the opportunity to purchase a special cassette pressing of HAIL MARY, the new album from metal titans Iwrestledabearonce. This release is limited to 100 copies split across 3 variants (red, grey, and black). Click here to claim your copy.

HAIL MARY is scheduled for release June 16, but due to a production delay at the plant all cassette orders will not begin shipping on or around June 22, 2015. Each order comes with a handwritten thank you note.

Don't know IWABO? No sweat. Click below and discover your new favorite band...

New Music: Well Kept Things - "Younger" 04 Jun 2015

The release of Well Kept Things' debut EP, Homegrown , is less than two weeks away. Today, with a little help from our friends at Substream , we've shared a new song titled "Younger" with the world at large. You have to head over to their site to enjoy the lyric video and related content, but if you just wanted to stream the single you can do so below:

The LAST DAY to preorder Homegrown  in a shirt bundle is THIS FRIDAY, JUNE 5. Don't miss out!

New Release: Brian Marquis - 'I Miss The 90s' (Available now!) 12 May 2015


Hello, everyone! We have been working around the clock to plan (and pay for) the next several Antique releases. Most of 2015 is now set in stone, but there may be one or two surprises along the way. This release, which we are doing in partnership with Equal Vision Records, only developed in the last month. We were contacted by Brian Marquis at the top of April about releasing his new covers EP as a cassette, and we immediately leapt at the opportunity. We're old enough to remember when the songs on this record were new, but we're not sure they have ever sounded as good as they do when performed by Marquis on this release.

We made 100 copies of 'I Miss The 90s,' but only half are available online. If you want one, you better hurry .